Tele,Pickup,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,/acrosome1404176.html,DP112,$49,DiMarzio,Pre,Bridge,Black,,B-1 DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Black Bridge Tele Pickup Japan Maker New DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Black Bridge Tele Pickup Japan Maker New $49 DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Bridge Pickup Black Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Tele,Pickup,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,/acrosome1404176.html,DP112,$49,DiMarzio,Pre,Bridge,Black,,B-1 $49 DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Bridge Pickup Black Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Black In stock Bridge Tele Pickup Japan Maker New

DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Bridge Pickup Black


DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Bridge Pickup Black

Product description


Pre B-1We're not talking imitation humbucker-sound here. The Pre B-1 maintains a lot of the basic character of the Tele bridge position, but the sound is bigger. It can still cut through a mix, but it will fill more space, as well. It also has about 25 percent more power than a stock Tele bridge pickup. That means thicker overdrive and more sustain from your favorite tube amp.Telecasters may seem very basic, but the differences in maple and rosewood fingerboards, body woods and even bridge and saddle materials mean there are a lot of different-sounding axes around, and some of them are very piercing. Rolling the tone down can turn the sound to mud. The Pre B-1 attacks the problem by fattening up the highs and boosting the mids and lows. DiMarzio left the traditional bottom plate off - the Pre B-1 was designed to work without it.

DiMarzio DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Bridge Pickup Black

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