Light,/acrosome1423776.html,Turn,Trailer,Stop,$30,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Running,Kit,Maso,,LED,Brake,Truck,Tail $30 Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Kit,Maso Brake Stop Turn Running Automotive Exterior Accessories Light,/acrosome1423776.html,Turn,Trailer,Stop,$30,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,Running,Kit,Maso,,LED,Brake,Truck,Tail Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Brake Sale SALE% OFF Turn Kit,Maso Running Stop $30 Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Kit,Maso Brake Stop Turn Running Automotive Exterior Accessories Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Brake Sale SALE% OFF Turn Kit,Maso Running Stop

Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Brake Seattle Mall Sale SALE% OFF Turn Kit,Maso Running Stop

Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Kit,Maso Brake Stop Turn Running


Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Kit,Maso Brake Stop Turn Running

Product description

Color:Yellow Red

LED Trailer Rear Tail Lights Kit Stop Tail Indicator 12V Waterproof Submersible

Kit includes stop, tail and turn signal lights, two amber clearance lights and wiring harness
Includes 25 and 4 foot 4-pole color coded wiring harness
High visibility LED taillights last longer than standard incandescent lights
Complies with DOT standards
Includes parts pack with all fasteners and connectors needed for installation.
Ideal for towing applications up to 80" wide

2 x Red Square Trailer Lights
2 x Amber clearance lights
1 x License plate bracket
1 x Wiring harness
All fasteners and connectors needed for installation
As the pictures show

Truck Trailer Tail LED Light Kit,Maso Brake Stop Turn Running

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