$26 Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Name Tag, Hat Badge, and/or Handmade Products Jewelry Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Tag Name Hat online shop and or Badge Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Tag Name Hat online shop and or Badge $26 Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Name Tag, Hat Badge, and/or Handmade Products Jewelry -,King,Dead,/defuse1404584.html,Badge,,County,$26,calpedaeg.xyz,Sheriff's,Walking,Handmade Products , Jewelry,Hat,Name,and/or,Tag, -,King,Dead,/defuse1404584.html,Badge,,County,$26,calpedaeg.xyz,Sheriff's,Walking,Handmade Products , Jewelry,Hat,Name,and/or,Tag,

Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Tag Max 53% OFF Name Hat online shop and or Badge

Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Name Tag, Hat Badge, and/or


Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Name Tag, Hat Badge, and/or

Style:Name Tag amp; Hat Badge

If the option you want is not shown then that option is currently out of stock. We will be making more of them so please check back at a later date.

In this listing you will find The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Sheriff's badge and Name Tag prop replicas! Nowhere else can you find as accurate a replica prop! Don't go without yours.

These replica badges are made from metal and based on the original props as seen in the show. The badge measures 3 inches (76mm) in diameter and weighs 1.9 oz (52g). The badges come in two styles; the shirt badge has a clasp pin on the backside and the hat badge has a screw post and thumb screw with a butterfly pin on the back side. The name tag measures 2.375 inches (62mm) wide and .5 inches (18mm) tall and has a clasp pin on the back side.

Walking Dead King County Sheriff's - Name Tag, Hat Badge, and/or

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