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Free shipping anywhere in the nation Sapphire Radeon Toxic R9 270X 2GB Elegant DVI-I GDDR5 DP HDMI DVI-D with

Sapphire Radeon Toxic R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 DVI-I/DVI-D/HDMI/DP with


Sapphire Radeon Toxic R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 DVI-I/DVI-D/HDMI/DP with

Product description

Sapphire Radeon TOXIC R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 DVI-I/DVI-D/HDMI/DP with Boost (UEFI) PCI-Express Graphics Card

Sapphire Radeon Toxic R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 DVI-I/DVI-D/HDMI/DP with

About us

This website was founded as a non-profit project, built entirely by a group of young engineers. Entire website is based on our own personal perspectives, and does not represent any views of any company in the energy industry.

Main purpose of this project is to help the public to learn some interesting and important information about the energy and about the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. We realize that the basics in the nuclear physics do not belong to fundamental human knowledge and the term “nuclear” often evokes a feeling of something negative or even dangerous. We do not claim this or that opinion is the only opinion that is right. But it is noteworthy, that the vast majority of nuclear engineers, people who know what nuclear means, do not connect the term “nuclear” with anything negative or dangerous.

Anyone can be able to come here, learn the basics of nuclear and reactor physics and should be able to answer basic questions. The best way to promote nuclear power is to present the facts.

Would you like to:

  • learn something new?
  • know how does the nuclear power plant work?
  • know how to start the nuclear reactor?

Follow us, we can answer many of your questions!

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Pros of Nuclear Power

  • World-scale energy source
  • Low pollution energy source
  • Carbon free energy source
  • Nuclear power can be sustainable
  • Nuclear power is competetive on current markets
  • Low fuel costs

Cons of Nuclear Power

  • Spent nuclear fuel
  • Decay heat – Issue of safety
  • High energy density – Issue of safety
  • High investment costs