$66 ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch with Audio Support, Cables Included Electronics Computers Accessories $66 ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch with Audio Support, Cables Included Electronics Computers Accessories Audio,with,Support,,USB,ATEN,Switch,2-Port,$66,/jemadar1313388.html,calpedaeg.xyz,KVMP,Cables,Included,Electronics , Computers Accessories ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch Cables Washington Mall Support with Audio Included ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch Cables Washington Mall Support with Audio Included Audio,with,Support,,USB,ATEN,Switch,2-Port,$66,/jemadar1313388.html,calpedaeg.xyz,KVMP,Cables,Included,Electronics , Computers Accessories

ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch Cables Safety and trust Washington Mall Support with Audio Included

ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch with Audio Support, Cables Included


ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch with Audio Support, Cables Included

Product description

ATEN's new 2-port KVM and Peripheral Sharing Switch brings extra value to conventional KVM switches by offering USB peripheral sharing capabilities, audio and microphone support, and multi-platform support for Mac, Sun, USB and PS/2. You can save money and space by eliminating the need for multiple monitors, keyboards, mice, and peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, zip drives, and more. Up to 127 different USB devices can be daisy chained from this KVMP switch. Sharing speakers and a microphone also offers extra value and convenience for the users. USB and KVM technology together makes cross-platform management easy. A single USB console can control PCs, Macs, or even Sun workstations, and share peripherals and audio devices between the computers. Any USB-enabled computers, using any USB-compatible operating system, can benefit from the efficiency, expense reduction and convenience of this switch. Package Content: 1x 2 Port KVM Switch, 2x KVM Cables (part # 2L5301U), 1x Firmware Upgrade Cable, 1x User Manual, 1x Quick Start Guide

ATEN 2-Port USB KVMP Switch with Audio Support, Cables Included

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