$52 Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Chart Holder – Aluminum, Spr Office Products Office School Supplies –,Metal,/jemadar1642588.html,Holder,Duty,$52,Carstens,calpedaeg.xyz,Aluminum,,Clipboard,Spr,Heavy,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Chart Max 68% OFF Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Spr Holder Chart – Aluminum Max 68% OFF Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Spr Holder Chart – Aluminum –,Metal,/jemadar1642588.html,Holder,Duty,$52,Carstens,calpedaeg.xyz,Aluminum,,Clipboard,Spr,Heavy,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Chart $52 Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Chart Holder – Aluminum, Spr Office Products Office School Supplies

Max 68% OFF Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Spr Holder Chart – Aluminum Max 84% OFF

Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Chart Holder – Aluminum, Spr


Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Chart Holder – Aluminum, Spr

Product description


Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Chart Holders are made from aluminum that’s been anodized for extreme durability that will never peel or corrode. The back and cover are .045" thick, giving them the toughness to withstand heavy use in the most demanding work environments. From medical facilities to construction sites to garages to manufacturing facilities, these all-metal clipboards are built to handle bumps, drops, impacts and day-to-day encounters with hard surfaces. And their rubber-covered hinge rod ends make them compatible for secure hanging on Carstens mobile racks for springloaded charts. They offer a smooth, wear-resistant writing surface, and feature a powerful spring clip that firmly holds up to 50 pages (1/4" capacity). To insert and remove papers, simply open the cover up and push down on it to open the spring clip, then release the pressure on the cover for the clip to clamp back down. For over 130 years, Carstens has been the choice of the pros, setting the standard for quality and durability in products for healthcare facilities and beyond. We’re proudly made in the USA of US and imported parts, and a WBENC certified Woman-Owned Small Business.

Carstens Heavy Duty Metal Clipboard Chart Holder – Aluminum, Spr

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Nike Womens Sweatshirt Fitness Hoodie


August 2021 Clinical Practice Highlights


July 2021 Clinical Practice Highlights


Husqvarna Carb Part # 530071635


June 2021 Clinical Practice Highlights


Dr. Gail Cresci Takes Office as ASPEN’s 45th President